Re: [gardeners] lily bulbs

Penny Nielsen (
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 15:02:52 -0400

Hi Ginny

Got my first batch of common asiatics (4 types in a box) at Costco and was very pleased with them.  Gave away lots of offsets from those first ones.  At the time they were very cheap but notice that prices have gone up quite a bit since then.  I've also bought a few other boxes of bulbs and the odd plant which have done well too.  Think I also bought a box of Stargazers there too and they have done well too.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to move the ones from you from the veggie garden to a flower bed this year.  

Penny in cloudy Halifax, N.S.

>>> inanda <> 03/16/99 09:54PM >>>
mWent to Costco here in Prince George.  The same bags of bulbs are here 
too.  $12.00 for most, $10.99 for astilbe, siberian iris, day lilies & 
some hostas.  lilies had 9 or 10 per pkge, the others 6 roots per.

Think I'd still rather buy bulbs from a NA grower, just to be sure of 
what you are getting.  However, did buy a bag of Casa Blanca, huge white 
orientals.  Hope to have  HUGE clump of these this summer.  Yum yum. 

Ginny in Prince George BC Zone 2, not too far S of the Yukon border.