Re: [gardeners] Vidalia and 1015y Texas Sweet

margaret lauterbach (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 08:32:48 -0700

>Next year, I will plant more of which ever kind do best in my garden
>soil, and I will try the Candy onion, also.  We liked the Vidalia onion
>after buying it in a local grocery store here.  I have never tasted the
>1015y Texas Sweet onion, but after reading the information in the seed
>catalog, I thought it could be an excellent choice.  A high school
>classmate listed, in the yearbook,  his favorite food as "an onion
>sandwich".   I thought that sounded very "different", but these mild
>type of onions just might be alright as a sandwich, using just butter as
>the spread.  I don't think that would ever be my favorite food, however.
>Thanks for your responses.
>Marguerite Ruch on the shore of Truman Lake in Missouri
After my SIL introduced me to onion sandwiches dunked in bean soup, I
realized why she's on a perpetual diet.  Durn her.  Margaret L