Re: [gardeners] Vidalia and 1015y Texas Sweet

George Shirley (
Thu, 25 Mar 1999 12:16:57 -0600

Penny Nielsen wrote:

> Never tried em dunked in bean soup, but I sure love em on their own.  Used to bring them to high school for lunch.  My home room teacher used to chide me for eating them - don't come close to a bad case of garlic breath IMHO.
> Penny in Halifax, N.S. who also loves garlic
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> After my SIL introduced me to onion sandwiches dunked in bean soup, I
> realized why she's on a perpetual diet.  Durn her.  Margaret L

My dad, much missed these last 20 years, never went hunting without an onion, thick cut "baloney", mustard, and black pepper sandwich on white bread, wrapped in waxed paper, in his coat pocket. I think it was the only time he was
allowed to eat them as they did disastrous things to his digestive tract. I do like a Texas 1015Y Grano cut thick on wholewheat with a little mustard, and black pepper. If I'm really being sinful I put crisp bacon on it.