[gardeners] spring

Byron.Bromley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 26 Mar 1999 14:55:47 -0500

Sings of spring finally in these granite hills.

Dug up 3 ft of row of parsnips, filled a 5 gal bucket.
Had a couple 4 in dia 20 in long. 

Did a pH test  where I had added some sulphur last fall had
a pH reading of 6.75  ideal for most crops.

Here's a tip maybe some of you root crop gardeners could use.

Take a 5 gal plastic bucket, drill a bunch of 3/8 in (10mm) dia.
holes in the bottom. Take this bucket to harvest your roots crops with.
Wash most of the dirt off while crops still in bucket, Dirt and water
goes thru the bottom. 

Allow to drain for a while, or spin bucket to get most of the rest of
the water out. 

Preserving parsnips, dig, wash, cut off unwanted parts, throw in plastic
bags, and inset into freezer., Keeps about a year.