[gardeners] feverfew

Barb Rothenberger (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 29 Mar 1999 05:55:57 -0600

had head of feverfew for migrains but not for allergies.  I'm to the point
where I will try anything.  A cup of tea sounds great - one of the things I
enjoy most in England. George, I will forward your comments to hubby.
  We just finished working with a company on the west coast, Etera.  They
grow perennials.  I designed 11 perennial beds for their new catalog and
Ray wrote some articles for them.  anxious to see how they turn out!
	Allergies better this morning, but still a little stuffed up.  much rather
have this in the fall like I USED to.  old age - what fun - NOT
Barb Rothenberger
Columbia, Mo.
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