Re: [gardeners] Weed & feed runoff

David G Smith (
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 11:54:40 -0500

Tree peonies don't make a clump, they're more of a shrub.  Maybe I'd better
move them after all.  Decisions, decisions.  Too bad I didn't just leave
them where they were.  We realized later that we didn't want that fence
moved after all.


At 09:25 AM 3/31/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Many years ago, my Dad lost his blackberries, planted near the edge of the
>property, when the neighbor used a Weed and Feed type product.  
>Maybe you could shovel off a side clump of the peony and move it somewhere
>safer, so you'll still have at least part of it, just in case.  I don't
>know how big the peony clump is, so I don't know whether this would be
>--Kathy K, mid-Missouri, zone 5
>> From: David G. Smith <>
>> Last spring I planted three tree peonies, and last fall I moved them,
>> (because we were planning to move a fence, which would have put them on
>> same side of it as the dogs.)
>> I put them on the edge of the yard, next to a neighbor who uses plenty of
>> weed & feed.  Just yesterday I was thinking about that, and noticing that
>> althought the peonies are about four feet from the property line, it's a
>> downhill run from his yard to ours.  I'm wondering if I should move them
>> again (poor things).  He uses a drop spreader and is careful about
>> it at the property line, but I wonder about the runoff.
>> David Smith
>> (with snow peas up in the garden!)