[gardeners] Wednesday - looking at the garden a little

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 31 Mar 1999 15:07:39 -0600

Today was the first day in about a week that it hasn't rained here. No
heavy rains, just a nice, soaking rain that we badly needed. Of course I
had to go to work this morning. Left the house at 0630, left the clients
shop at 0730, arrived at Jennings, LA VA outpatient clinic at 0820, left
there at 0940, got cell phone call on the road and diverted to a local
refinery where one of my clients had an employee injured. Got the
employee taken care of, fractured great toe from dropping a manhole
cover on his own foot. Did the incident investigation with the client
and the refinery owners and then off to rent some equipment to teach
supplied air respirators to a group of 20 folks for another client. Just
got through with all of that junk and had to take my shoes off and rest
my feet. Miz Anne was in the garden harvesting broccoli, carrots, swiss
chard, and kohlrabi, reckon we're gonna eat veggies tonight plus put
some in the freezer. Thinking seriously of making dilly carrots (pickled
carrots) because of the bumper crop this winter/spring. At least I got
to see the garden without windshield wipers this time.

Speaking of which, some of you may remember that my Tumbler tomatoes
produced the first ripe tomatoes on May 9th last year. Looks to be in
the range of April 15th this year. The seeds were started on January 19,
1999 and the tomatoes are about the size of ping pong balls now. There's
three hanging baskets of Tumblers hanging on the south wall of the
carport and they are doing well. Pretty sure I'm going to start some
more of that seed about mid-September and keep them in the greenhouse
over the winter. Did that with a Yellow Pear and a Heatwave II last
fall, transplanted from the garden, and we ate fresh tomatoes, not a lot
but some, all winter long. Pretty sure there's going to be a cucumber
vine in there too.

I'm off to the living room to watch the hummingbirds feed, rest my
aching feet, and possibly doze a bit with the dog by my side. Miz Anne
is doing one of her favorite things, mowing, and I don't want to disturb
her. ;-)

George, a little tired, a very little richer, and very satisfied with
life in general