[gardeners] Re: Pringles Pickle Chips

Bob Kirk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 21:21:44 -0600 (CST)

> From: Kay Lancaster <kay@fern.com>
> >  Nor does there seem to be that much uniformity even from the top of
> > each 3-4" stack to the bottom. Or (relatively speaking) that minimal
> > a seed cavity.
> Did the seeds look relatively normal?  I was wondering if they'd been
> sprayed with cytokinins (like seedless grapes) to increase fruit size.
> Guess I'd best take a look at 'em up close next time.  From a distance,
> it looked like a slice would top a McDonald's size hamburger.

   Thought I might be back by the store, but not so far. I don't recall
there being anything unusual about them, but didn't really look. Anyway I'm
all but sure this triumph was achieved by breeding at some university noted
in the ?? article.
   (Vlasic's under-construction website isn't much help.... but I'm sure
the splash graphic - an island display of pickles - is really quite an eye-
catcher on a color screen.)
   If course, if you were trying to mess with maturity & seed development
at a molecular level (through breeding or otherwise), internal plant growth
regulators would be about the first thing to look at, so it might be open
to question anyway.  Coming soon to your local groaning, overburdened
archives server: genetically engineered pickles on the bovine growth
hormone pumped burger!

due to underdeveloped taste buds, regrettably unable
to savour either a hamburger or a Pringles "potato chip"