Re: [gardeners] Cilantro

William McKay (
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 19:52:03 PST

I usually start it in pots (usually 3 1/2 inch) but anything will do. 
Normally I put four or five seeds and don't bother to thin.  It seems to 
transplant fairly well even though it has a tap root.  Usually start 
some every few weeks since it does go to seed quite quickly.  It does 
reasonably well in partial shade.  Is amazingly cold tolerant.  Kept 
some going in my unheated hoop house over the winter (lowest temp was 
-4);  it was not very happy, but it survived and I could make some small 
pickings over the winter.  

Bill M in E. Mass

   Can anyone tell me how to go about planting cilantro? I love the
stuff but have never grown any.   George, the Yellow Eyed Beans are in 
the mail. Sorry for the delay.Happy Gardening,
>>Bastrop Co.
>>SE Central Tx.
>>Zone 8

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