Re: [gardeners] garden stuff

Allen and Judy Merten (
Fri, 02 Apr 1999 22:13:21 -0600

Hi Penny,
    This year it looks like I will have plenty of dill for my pickles. I
planted dill seeds in beds in two of my garden plots. They didn't come up so
Judy and I bought some transplants. Now the seeds that I planted have
sprouted and are growing large enough to see that they are dill. Gonna have
lots of dill!!
    Hope spring comes your way soon.
Happy Gardening,
Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
Zone 8

penny x stamm wrote:

> Allen, the Sweet 100's was the most generous and delicious of
> all my tomato growing -- and yes, it continued on very late, like
> yours.
> Nothing grew well last year except that. Perhaps summer '99
> will be more fruitful.
> The only thing come alive here in the entire area are a dozen
> crocuses in my rock garden. Winter hasn't left us yet,
> especially the winds.
> Penny, NY
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