[gardeners] Saturday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 03 Apr 1999 20:25:13 -0600

Daughter and her kids came over from Houston area Friday night and left
about 3 pm today to go home. We ate a lot of garden truck while they
were here, chard, lettuce, carrots, various herbs, black-eyed peas from
last year and pickles from 1997 and 1998 both. Not to mention lots of
catfish, some shrimp, most of a smoked ham, a sack of taters, couple of
very large 1015 onions, and assorted drinks both carbonated and

The food bill was well worth it. The two boys, ages 18 and 15 (soon to
be 16) dug the ditch that will contain the piping and conduit for the
greenhouse in less than 30 minutes. Of course the ditch is only one
shovel blade wide and one blade deep but it is over 100 feet long. Would
have taken this old body at least a week to dig it.

Now all I've got to do is buy the PVC water pipe and the PVC conduit to
lay utilities out there. Will also give me another hose bibb out by the
main garden and one at the blueberries/raspberries. Looking forward to
running all of that. If I can just find the right replacement motor I
will be able to get the greenhouse fan working too. Might just adapt a
used fractional horsepower appliance motor, there's plenty floating
around the area in old appliances.

The radishes are bulbing up, the chiles - sweet and hot - are budding
up, and all of the beans are getting taller. The scarlet runner beans
are already starting to climb the teepee and the hyacinth beans are
reaching for the fence. Thought I saw a bloom on the green beans but it
must have been an optical hallucination.

I have been threatening to cut down the non-productive mayhaw trees at
the back fence. Looking at them one day this week I actually found
several blooms and today noticed they had set fruit, about a dozen haws.
The Dorman Red raspberries are blooming and setting fruit although I
don't expect much out of them until next year. The blueberries are
loaded with green fruit so am anticipating picking some berries toward
the end of this month.

We're getting a much needed little rain at the moment so hope to awaken
to more new garden growth on Easter Sunday. May all enjoy the day in
their own way.

George, Life is good at this old house