[gardeners] Re ditch rescue

inanda (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 08 Apr 1999 19:10:01 -0700

Sorry All,

Tried to send this privately to Revered Listowner.  No Go.  He 
doesn't want my mail!!!  If you want to take this up with AOL George, 
I've the whole refusal trhing they sent back to me.

Love the sound of your truck.  Your prob. will be, can you say NO or even 
 a gentle no, when you & Miz Anne want to use it at same time as your 
friends & neighbours?

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> Subject: Re: [gardeners] Re Ditch rescue
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> Hi George,
> I love LA iris too.  The only ones I know that are hardy here are Black
> Gamecock and Dorothy K. Williamson.  Am currently babying JI seed from
> Dr. Currier McEwan to see what will survive here.  Was such a warm winter
> (warmer than Ontario) so will have to see if future years return to usual
> winter temps.
> Am actually amazed thst ANY bearded iris survive in your garden.
> Really love your garden ramblings.
> Ginny in Prince George, BC