Re: [gardeners] gardening in Bastrop Co.

George Shirley (
Sat, 10 Apr 1999 21:24:39 -0500

Allen and Judy Merten wrote:

> Hi Gardeners,
>     Our garden is getting along just fine. We are eating turnips and
> mustard, green onions, broccoli, and lettuce.
>     The tomatos are blooming and setting fruit. Butternut and Acorn
> squash are setting fruit also. The Yellow Squash and Zucchini are not
> that far along. Big Bertha Bell Peppers are setting fruit. The red
> potatos are beginning to bloom.
>     I planted G-90 Bicolor corn for the 3rd year. I also planted
> Guadalupe Gold which is my Dad's favorite. The time difference in
> germination between the two was surprising. The Guadalupe Gold was
> planted 2 days earlier than the G-90. The G-90 came up two days before
> the Guadalupe Gold. The G-90 germination is 100%, absolutely no gaps.
> The Guadalupe Gold on the other had has at best 50% germination. Got to
> get more seed to fill in the many gaps. One more thing about the G-90,
> the seeds are from the original 5 lb. bag that I bought 3 years ago. The
> Guadalupe Gold seeds are from this years purchase.
>     I had the same problem with the two pole beans that I planted this
> year. The Kentucky Wonders germinated 100%. The Blue Lake germinated at
> about 25%. Planted both the same day, same amount of water, same
> planting depth.
>     George, I know that you have not received the Yellow Eyed Bean
> seeds. They came back undeliverable. The postal service machines choked
> and spit the envelope out. I got it back today in the mail. It was
> creased, torn, and leaking broken bean pieces. Judy and I got a mailing
> pouch and will put new beans in the mail Monday. I hope you still have a
> little room for them.

Got a row set aside for them, already has the netting hung for them to climb
and the soil prepared. I'm envious of your acreage.

>     The weather is beautiful, the sun is warm not hot, the wind has
> become a gentle breeze, pneumonia is gone, and as a wise old gardening
> guru once said,"Life is good".
>     May spring come soon to those of you who it has not already sprung
> on.
> Happy Gardening,
> Allen
> Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx.
> Zone 8

Wise old gardening guru your a**. ;-) Old and a gardener but not sure how
Our peppers are blooming, the winter broccoli is still producing, bunching
onions are tasting good, radishes are producing, green beans are blooming,
NZ spinach is growing good as is the chard.

We've got about the same weather, wind gets kinda stiff in the evening but
keeps us from having to turn the ac on. Hope to get rain early in week or
we're going to have to turn the soaker hoses on again.

Planted more basil, can't have to much of that. Put the two new lavenders in
the herb garden in a well drained sunny spot. Got about a dozen lemons the
size of walnuts on the Ponderosa lemon, same as last year. From what I've
read it should produce fruit all year so we'll see. The raspberries are
blooming and setting fruit and the blueberries are getting plumper. Gotta
put a hose on them tomorrow as they take beaucoup water at this stage. Same
with the fig tree, covered with little figs and needs about 35 gallons of
water a week right now.

Life really is good.