[gardeners] Blue tree and dog follow-up

David G. Smith (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 07:14:42 -0400

We found that one of our local nurseries, not one of the ones we usually go
to, has a lot of trees.  They had plain and weeping blue atlas cedars
(those weeping ones are ugly), hoopsi spruce, "Ice Blue" cypress, concolor
fir, two kinds of limber pine, and more blue trees I can't remember now.  I
think we'll get one of the limber pines.  (One of Kay's suggestions.)  I
really like that cypress, but someone says her blue tree should have needles.

I mentioned the annoying dog next door a while back -- so far no progress
on making friends with it, but I haven't really tried.  I was out in the
garden the other day, and after the third or fourth time the woman yelled
at the dog she said "I'm going to have to keep this up all summer!"  I
thought it was funny.  She probably thinks it's my fault, for not staying
in the house.

David Smith