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Thu, 15 Apr 1999 08:50:58 -0400

I'm in central Ohio, zone 6, and my lily of the valley usually doesn't show
up for a couple more weeks, yet.  We've got daffs just finishing up, tulips
coming out, my hosta are about 5 inches tall, the bleeding hearts are
setting blooms, the redbuds are just starting to show their blooms, tall
bearded iris are about 10 inches tall, lilacs just setting buds.  I'd wait
another week or two before replanting your lily of the valley.


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Subject: [gardeners] Lily of the valley

 Can someone tell me if lily of the valley is an 'early' or 'late'
sprouter? I always thought it popped up early, but there's no sign of two
small patches in our yard, or a friends. Some thing had been munching on a
pulmonaria in one of the same beds, but the hostas look great?!  What the
heck eats pulmonaria?
 Hostas are up 5-6 inches, lilacs and redbuds are blooming and even the
crepe myrtle and the rose of sharon are beginning to leaf out.


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