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Dear sir:
This is the seed list. I will add more seeds as soon as available.
Ignacio García B.

My seed list:
Acacia caven     Cassia coquimbensis
Aextoxicon punctatum   Lobelia tupa
Araucaria araucana    Puya chilensis
Austrocedrus chilensis   Acacia cyanophylla
Beilschmeidia miersii   Cupressus macrocarpa
Caesalpina spinosa    Eucalyptus globulus
Cordia decandra    Gleditsia triacanthos
Embothrium coccineum   Jacaranda mimosaefolia
Eucryphia cordifolia    Lupinus arboreus
Geoffreaea decorticans   Parkinsonia aculeata
Gevuina avellana    Phoenix canariensis
Gomortega keule    Pinus radiata
Jubaea chilensis     Quercus suber
Lapageria rosea    Ricinus comunis
Laurelia sempervirens   Robinia pseudoacacia
Lomatia dentata    Taxodium distichum
Lomatia hirsuta     Tilia cordata
Maytenus boaria
Nothofagus alpina   Other seeds available by request, I
  dombeyi   will  add bulb  and other shrub
  glauca   bulb seeds soon.
Persea lingue
Peumus boldo
Podocarpus saligna
Porlieria chilensis
Prumnupitys andina
Quillaja saponaria
Rosha moschata
Schinus molle
Sophora macrocarpa
Sophora microcarpa
Weinmannia trichosperma

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>Dear Cynthia:
>                        I would be very pleased to send you some chilean
>endemic seeds, but you must send me your mailing  address.
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>>Seeds I have right now, as of October 1998.  Will trade, or send without
>>trade (send SASE), contact me at
>>Any instructions or growing characteristics are based on being grown in my
>>Great Lakes zone 4b/5a (Sunset 41) area.
>>· Anthemis tinctoria (golden marguerite) - Easy to grow, reseeds itself.
>>Yellow daisylike flower excellent for cutting or drying.  Perennial.
>>· Carrot, Thumbelina.
>>· Centaurea (bachelor buttons) - vibrant blue annual.
>>· Cleome - Annual, light pink.
>>· Cosmos bippinatus - Mixed pink, magenta, white, annual.  These are some
>>of my favorite flowers, they bloom and bloom and bloom.
>>· Datura - White, annual.
>>· Dianthus (maiden pinks) - Very easy to grow.  Low growing, pink flowers,
>>· Gailardia - all yellow perennial wildflower, blooms second year.
>>· Helichrysum (strawflower) - Annual.
>>· Hyssopus officinalis (Hyssop) - Perennial herb, gets purple flower
>>· Malva alcea (Hollyhock Mallow) - Very easy to grow perennial.
>>· Marigold - Tall (1 ft.) orange or yellow (mixed up seeds) annual.
>>· Melampodium (orange cosmos) - Vivid orange annual.  Looks great with
>>blues.  Another of my favorite annuals.
>>· Monarda - Purple, I've never tried to grow these from seed.  Perennial.
>>· Muscari (grape hyacinth) - Never tried these from seed, probably takes
>>couple of years to get a bloom, want to try?
>>· Nicotiana alata (flowering tobacco) - White night bloomer with a
>>scent.  Annual, reseeds.
>>· Nigella (love-in-the-mist) - Annual, light blue flowers, threadlike
>>foliage.  Purple and green seed pod forms and is great for dried crafts.
>>Will reseed itself.
>>· Petunia - pink or purple (mixed up seeds) annual.
>>· Pole Beans, Kentucky Blue
>>· Pole Beans, Purple Peacock
>>· Pyrethrum (painted daisy) - I haven't tried these seeds.
>>· Radish mix - Revosa/Easter Egg/Cherry Belle.
>>· Rudbeckia goldstrum (black-eyed susan) - deep red-bronze and yellow
>>perennial (I plant in spring and have blossoms in late summer until first
>>· Scabiosa (blue mist) - I've never tried to grow these from seed but
>>collected anyway.  Perennial.
>>· Swiss Chard, Bright Lights.
>>· Zinnia - Mixed colors, annual.
>>If you have a group or organization needing large amounts, let me know...
>>I'm a compulsive seed saver.
>>**Womyn Who Moves Mountains-Little Finger Of Michigan**
>>** **USDA zone 4b-Sunset zone 41**
>>** **