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penny x stamm (
Sat, 17 Apr 1999 22:31:46 -0400

David, yes, I always water my conifers well in November so they
can withstand the high winter winds better. It's usually a tossup
between turning of the water supply and blowing the lines, and
wanting to give the shrubs and trees just one more good watering.

My abies koreana came thru several winters without damage. It was
the sheet of ice across everything that did the harm. All the azalea
and rhodie flowers which were exposed above the ice were killed,
altho the flowers below the ice survived in all cases. I had the
strangest garden that next spring, not like anything any of us
had ever witnessed.....   

I've put an umbrella pine in its place. And every December I wrap
it in bird netting, to keep the snow from fracturing the branches or
the needle clusters. So far, it has come thru beautifully for two

Penny, NY

On Sat, 17 Apr 1999 05:54:47 -0400 "David G. Smith" <>
>The big AHS book says zone 6 - 7, and I'm on the warm edge of 6, so 
>it will be OK.  Of course, it says zone 5 - 6 for Abies koreana, and 
>lost yours, so who knows.
>I've heard it recommended (by Kay, I think) that you should water 
>well in the fall so they will be in better shape for the winter.  I'll 
>to remember that this fall.
>At 05:59 PM 4/16/99 -0400, you wrote:
>>David, I've downloaded your picture of the newly planted abies, 
>>and it comes thru clear as a bell. The tree is reminiscent of my
>>passionate favorite, abies koreana nana, which I lost in the
>>Winter from Hell, a few years ago. At that time, our entire 
>>neighborhood was covered with a sheet of ice, and 2/3rds of
>>my little tree stood above the frozen sheet. When spring came, 
>>suddenly zillions of pine cones appeared on the tree, in nature's
>>effort to continue the species, and once the pine cones fell
>>to the ground in pieces, the tree sat there and died.  
>>Enjoy your tree, but keep in mind every fall that it might need
>>either burlap, or some other kind of protection. 
>>Penny, NY zone 6 
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