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Mon, 19 Apr 1999 07:49:18 -0400

At 09:04 PM 18-04-99 PDT, you wrote:
>Dear Allen,
>  Thanks for your suggestion and help.  Now, let's see if I understand 
>it correctly:  dig hole, fill empty hole with water and let it seep 
>in, then fill it with dry peat/soil and the plant, and water again.  
>Is that right?  I'm very new to fact, these are my 
>first attempts.  So, I have to be very basic about my directions.  
>Thanks alot for your reply.
>  My grass seed trial is a bust....  I want a small oval of grass out 
>in the backyard, and spread seed 3 and a half weeks ago.  Today I 
>raked up the light covering of hay -- and practically no germination. 
> Maybe just l0%.  Sigh.  I do have alot of violets blooming back there 
>and I just read in a gardening book that that indicates the soil is 
>too acidic for grass.  Can I spread lime now or is it too late for any 
>hope this year?

Reseed with a shade tolerant and fresher batch of seed.  Violets grow in
shady areas generally so that might be a problem here, also sounds like bum
seed OR are you having a late spring??  That sure can affect germination
rate of just about anything.  Water daily.  I have violets and grass in the
same spots, have always had.  Violets do tend to kill off every other
living thing, so I dig out as many as possible.  


>  I'm awaiting the arrival of my big project plants:  blueberry 
>bushes, rosa rugosas, blackberries, and raspberries bushes.  Hope they 
>come this week -- the weather forecast is just perfect for hard labor 
>outdoors:  cloudy and cool, in the low 60's.
>  clavery111
>  zone 7b
>  Bethesda, MD
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