Re: [gardeners] Re:compost, burning, grape vine wreaths

Allen and Judy Merten (
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 00:45:52 -0500

    Will you please send me instruction on how to make a grape vine wreath?
    Yes, we can burn here as long as it is not so dry as to be dangerous. I
compost most of the leaves from the oaks and other deciduous trees, grass
clippings, Emu manure, garden waste. I still never have enough. The one thing
missing from my sandy soil is enough humus, which is typical of sandy soils. I
have a crusting problem that will be solved once there is enough humus in the
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>     Do you really want some vines?
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> No Allen was just kidding but I did want to give you a suggestion on what to
> do with them. There is a little herb farm not to far from my house and the
> owner gives workshops on making things. I signed up for the grapevine wreath
> making class. She had us trek out to the north forty and we cut our own
> branches down and then the really hard part started with the braiding and
> constructing the wreath. A lot of work but I was happy with my end result.
> So do you burn your vines? We are able to burn where I live and I have so
> many darn leaves that I have to. I'm bad and don't really compost but even
> with the amount of leaves I have I could never have enough space to compost
> them all.
> Kris P
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