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Sat, 24 Apr 1999 15:59:28 EDT

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<< acre. I also have a gourd patch and a sunflower patch that is about half 
the size
of an average lot.

Do you grow a variety of sunflowers? I am going to try the fall colored kind. 
Can't think what the variety said on the package. I just love sunflowers. I 
think my squirrels have already planted a few for me out in the yard
I've been having a fun day by trying to dig the yarrow out of my wildflower 
bed. Will have to start new because the yarrow took over. Learned my lesson 
to never buy the mix with yarrow in it again. I am going to try the Scotts 
brand of seed and mulch and the one bag says for butterflies and 
hummingbirds. My yarrow plants are going to my garden clubs annual sale that 
will be held next saturday. 

Kris P