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Allen and Judy Merten (
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 01:23:56 -0500

Hi Kris,
    I am growing or have grown 4 or 5 kinds of sunflowers, Black Oil Sunflower,
Striped Sunflower, Giant Sunflower, a bronze one, and one that had several
colors. My main purpose growing Sunflowers in to provide naturally standing bird
food for migrant and resident birds, squirrels too. Some of the more "exotic"
migrants like Gros Beaks, Painted Buntings, etc. will come to the sunflower seed
heads left on the dry stalk more readily than to feeders.
    Last year during the "banquet" season we could have sold fresh cut sunflowers
at name our own prices. There is a lot of loose money in Austin, 40 miles from
us. Big medical institutions, computer companies, political conferences, etc. We
were offered $5.00 per head if we had enough of them to cover their needs. They
wanted around 100 sunflowers. I would cut Sunflowers for Judy's desk at work. One
of the people that was organizing a medical conference banquet saw them on her
desk. Things snowballed from there.
    I found out that I can plant the first crop of sunflowers here in Feb. I will
have time to plant 2 more crops before first frost in November.
    Did you know that your Yarrow is supposed to heighten the taste of
neighboring plants and for significantly increasing the essential oil production
of aromatic herbs? It is also supposed to attract a wide variety of beneficial
insects including hover flies and ladybugs.
    Happy Gardening,
    Bastrop Co., SE Central Tx. wrote:

> In a message dated 4/24/99 11:54:42 AM, writes:
> << acre. I also have a gourd patch and a sunflower patch that is about half
> the size
> of an average lot.
>   >>
> Do you grow a variety of sunflowers? I am going to try the fall colored kind.
> Can't think what the variety said on the package. I just love sunflowers. I
> think my squirrels have already planted a few for me out in the yard
> I've been having a fun day by trying to dig the yarrow out of my wildflower
> bed. Will have to start new because the yarrow took over. Learned my lesson
> to never buy the mix with yarrow in it again. I am going to try the Scotts
> brand of seed and mulch and the one bag says for butterflies and
> hummingbirds. My yarrow plants are going to my garden clubs annual sale that
> will be held next saturday.
> Kris P