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Wearing the body parts of tother is definitely a hotly contested subject
whenever it is raised.  I don't mind with the emu leather because they were
bred for the purpose (as well as the meat and oil etc). Admittedly we could
just throw them away but lets face it, it you are going to kill and animal
for the meat, you have to take the skin off at some point! I do have a
problem with wild animals being killed for pelts.  


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	<< All in all there wasn't much left after we had got all the bits
away.  This
	lot was only for pet meat but normally the hides would have been
kept for
	making into leather.

	We have a man here in central IL. That owned an upscale retail fur
store. He 
	retired from that and is now raising emus for their hides to tan and
	into fashions. Not sure what he does with the meat. Just read the
one article 
	in my local paper about him and have not seen anything else. My
husband was 
	glad he closed his shop because he is not a fan of people wearing
cute cuddly 
	little animals on their bodies.
	Not necessarily my opinion but I think everyone is entitled to their

	Kris P
	z 5  IL