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Thu, 29 Apr 1999 21:13:59 -0500

No, as a matter of fact I haven't noticed that the garden posts have come to an
end. My computer is still receiving them.
    We are raising nearly all the food that we eat, vegetables as well as meat.
The posts were certainly not intended to offend anyone. My apologies to you or
any other person that was offended. You do realize that what ever we eat has to
be killed whether it is eggplant or Emus?
    I realized just now that Warbler is a vegetarian with strongly held beliefs
that I have encountered on a couple of other lists.
    Again, no offense was intended. All the things that we eat were at one time
living. I do not see the difference from George ripping infant green beans from
the grasp of their mother and then boiling them alive, or killing any other
living food source.
    Bastrop Co.
    SE Central Tx.

Warbler wrote:

> And I would appreciate if the EMU killing thread comes to a quick end ...
> lets get back to the GARDENERS list.  Haven't you noticed that the garden
> posts suddenly come to an end the minute Off Topic meat/killing posts begin.
> Thanks.
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> Wearing the body parts of tother is definitely a hotly contested subject
> whenever it is raised.  I don't mind with the emu leather because they were
> bred for the purpose (as well as the meat and oil etc). Admittedly we could
> just throw them away but lets face it, it you are going to kill and animal
> for the meat, you have to take the skin off at some point! I do have a
> problem with wild animals being killed for pelts.
> Rae
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> << All in all there wasn't much left after we had got all the bits
> away.  This
> lot was only for pet meat but normally the hides would have been
> kept for
> making into leather.
> >>
> We have a man here in central IL. That owned an upscale retail fur
> store. He
> retired from that and is now raising emus for their hides to tan and
> make
> into fashions. Not sure what he does with the meat. Just read the
> one article
> in my local paper about him and have not seen anything else. My
> husband was
> glad he closed his shop because he is not a fan of people wearing
> cute cuddly
> little animals on their bodies.
> Not necessarily my opinion but I think everyone is entitled to their
> say.
> Kris P
> z 5  IL