[gardeners] Wednesday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 05 May 1999 19:08:18 -0500

Miz Anne and I finished work about the same time this afternoon and went
out to the garden to play a while. Picked some swiss chard and some
radishes for dinner and then hooked up hoses to the new faucets I
recently installed and watered the west fence line strip garden. The
purple hyacinth beans are looking like they might bloom anytime now but
I'm beginning to believe I was sent the wrong seed as the vines are
green, not a hint of purple. Do they get purple as they get older? The
New Zealand spinach is getting big enough to pick some so will do that
when we get back from our daughters place on Sunday.

Mentioned the faucets, while I was putting water line in to the
greenhouse I decided we needed a couple of more yard faucets. Now we
only need a 50 foot hose on one of three yard faucets in the back in
order to water any where back there. I stubbed out an extra valve so I
can run another line to the front yard and take care of that watering
chore without 100 feet of hose to be dragged over everything. Now, if we
can get enough soaker hose together we can simplify the chores even
more. A friend gave me an electric timer for hose set ups, one that he
said didn't work anymore. A little trouble shooting showed me a small
resistor needed replacing so did that.

We're going to visit our daughter and her kids tomorrow afternoon and
will be back by Sunday afternoon. She is being honored for her kids
gardens in her school district and they are having a dedication ceremony
for the extensive landscaping that has been done. A part of what she has
done is to have the pre-K kids plant memorial trees for classmates who
died of cancer, car accidents, etc. A memorial maker has donated bronze
plates on granite blocks for each tree, a nice touch I thought. I think
some politicians are going to be there and can only hope they don't
screw things up. ;-) I don't know where that girl finds her energy,
three kids, a full-time pre-k teaching job, a night job teaching
community college, and working on her last class for her masters. I
should mention that we are very proud of her.

Back to the garden - the blue jays, mockingbirds, and cardinals are
cleaning out the raspberries before we can pick them. Now they've
started on the blueberries so am going to have to go get some bird
netting in the morning. If it would just rain a bit we would be very
happy. Not that we're unhappy of course.

George, life is good.