Re: [gardeners] I just received the most wonderful order (
Sat, 15 May 1999 15:28:01 EDT

Actually I ordered over 300 hostas this year-over 135 different varieties.  I 
am donating this plants for memorial garden in memory of my in-laws.  Some of 
them were so wonderful I had to keep them for myself.  Dark star, Lakeside 
Looking Glass, and others you have to have if you are a plantaholic.  These 
are some of the other plants I have received so far, niagara falls, lakeside 
cha,cha, golden prayers, fire and ice, green piecrust, glory, nigrescens 
elatior, blue skies, bright lights, borwick beauty, lakeside san Kao, jade 
cascade, zounds little sunspot, super nova, alvantine taylor, alan P. 
McDonnell, Antioch, blue angel, blue umbrellas, emerald tiara, feather boa, 
francee, frosted jade, gala, golden scepter, golden tiara, gold standard, 
grand tiara, green fountain, guacamole, halcyon, invincible, kabitan, komodo 
dragon, lemon lime, marachino cherry, maruba iwa, mayan moon, montana 
aureomarginata, neat splash rim, pauls glory, pearl lake, peedee gold flash, 
piedmont gold, pineapple poll, radient edger, regal splendor, richland gold, 
shade fanfare, sharmon, so sweet, sparky, spritzer, sugar and cream, sum and 
substance, summer fragrance, summer music, sun power, surfer girl, tokudama, 
wide brim, yellow river, birchwood elegance, garnet prince, montana kinkaku, 
buggy wheels, azure snow, delta dawn.   I have another four orders yet to 
come.   Chris from Braintree Zone 6