Re: [gardeners] I just received the most wonderful order (
Sun, 16 May 1999 19:29:39 EDT

I actually ordered these plants from several places because I did not know 
exactly what I was going to receive.  The big money went to Bridgewood Garden 
because If you buy in quantity they will give you wholesale prices for mature 
one division plants (you have to spend over $300)  which was easy to do.  A 
lot of older varieties are very reasonably priced.  Some of these plants are 
really as wonderful as their newer varieties.  Plants are priced by how 
recent an introduction and how fast they multiple.  Hard to grow - higher 
price.   These plants arrived in excellent shape most were one division 
plants but some were two divisions.  I ordered (5) of some varieties and the 
price ended coming to $24 for approx 5 division mature plants (consistent 
quality throughout) which was a great deal.  The second supplier that I 
really liked was Plants Delight because even though I paid premium prices and 
premium shipping costs they sent multi divisions (most of them were 3 
division plants some two and some more) The money came out to be around $23 
for 3-4 division plants.
The quality was consistent for all plants sent.  Naylor Creek sent some 
wonderful mature multiple division plants but also some young one division 
plants so the cost ended up being $19 for 1-2 division hosta.  Which still 
was not bad. Robyn's nest sent one division mature plants - but horrible 
perennials.  I am still expecting an order from sexy bloomers and Jim's 
Hostas.  Any one can ask me about a hosta they have heard about and I will 
tell you what I know.  There are a lot of people even more of a hostaolic 
than I am.  There are thousands of different varieties and the people you 
talk to own over 800 themselves.  So I feel like a novice.  I bought over 300 
plants but only over 125 varieities.  Plants that you absolutely have to have 
include but not  limited to Sagae (if you ever have seen a mature clump you 
will understand why), dark star, june, so sweet, warwick delight,  whirlwind, 
 sunpower, summer music, striptease, spilt milk, regal splendor, queen 
josephine, invinsible, green piecrust, paul's glory, patriot, night before 
xmas, lucy vitols, grand tiara, kabitan, guacamole, great expectations, 
frosted jade, Lakeside looking glass, lakeside cha cha, and others.  I have 
plants that I really like but do not know what they are going to look like 
until they mature.  Chris