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Sat, 22 May 1999 06:57:30 -0500

Hi Anne,
    According to my Dr., cholesterol is not controlled by diet but by exercise.
The literature he gave me when he tested me for cholesterol said that some
individuals are genetically prone to high cholesterol and some are not. Judy's
family has high cholesterol, mine does not.
    My cholesterol count was 129, 6 points lower than it was 7 years ago. The
"bad" cholesterol count was also in the low end of the normal  range. I specialize
in Southern Fried living. We do eat lots of fresh vegetables along with beef,
pork, poultry, fish and Emu meat.
    When it comes to exercise, mine is walking and working in the garden. Because
of my lumbar fusion I cannot run, jog, or do the exercise machine thing.
    Congratulations on your and your husbands weight loss. I have lost 18 lb.. by
moderating the amount of food that I eat, not the style in which it is fixed. This
time of year we eat lots of fried squash, fish, okra, green tomatos, potatos. I
suffer horrible withdrawal symptoms if I do not get fried chicken on a timely
basis. We also eat lots of salads fresh from the garden in addition to the fresh
    Bastrop Co.
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> writes:
> > Yes, I have been on a low-fat diet for about a month and a half now.  I
> >  have lost 25 pounds, but I really start craving FAT!!!  Isn't that gross???
> >   I would like to smear mayo all over a ripe tomato, sprinkle with salt and
> >  pepper, put it on fresh white bread...heaven!
> Myra,
> You should be proud of yourself!  Losing that much is not an easy project.
> Congratulations.
> My husband is on that Adkins diet.  He has had high cholesterol in the past
> and it is now under control.  Can't imagine how with all the meat and fats he
> is eating.  Best part is he has lost over 30 lbs now.  He has bacon for
> breakfast and coldcuts for lunch with no bread.  For dinner he eats whatever
> we make for the kids and forgoes the breads and desserts. (read fruit)  Best
> part is I have lost 10 lbs myself without dieting.  Course it has been over a
> 5 month period no a month and a half.
> I, for one, am proud of you.
> Anne in FL