[gardeners] Sunday in the garden

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 30 May 1999 15:28:57 -0500

Didn't get a lot done in the garden today, picked the blueberries and
boysenberries. Miz Anne picked some flowers for the vases and deadheaded
the calendulas. The Shirley poppies are done for the year and now the
torenias are shoosting up to the sky and getting ready to bloom. The
hydrangeas and the jacobeanas (sp?) are really blooming well and Annie's
Red, the antique rose from the Texas Rose Rustlers is putting on a showy
batch of blossoms. Our unnamed antique, recovered from a neighbor, who
got it from an old friend, is, as usual, covered with blooms. There is a
slight difference in color, fragrance, and bloom style between the two,
enough that we can tell which is which at a glance.

About 3 pm a tremendous rainstorm blew into the area and we all gathered
on the carport to watch and listen. The rain striking the peppermint and
the rosemary released some delicious scents that, compounded with the
smell of the blooming lemon tree, make you happy to be around. The rain
has gentled down and is refreshing the earth and the plants thereon.
There's nothing like an early summer rainstorm and, believe me, it is
summer here. High eighties and low nineties in the afternoons and
sweltering humidity day and night. La Nina is messing with us again.

When the rain abates somewhat I think I'll go pick two or three nice
Ichiban eggplant and grill them for our supper along with the Texas
broil and pork ribs. Should be a feast fit for a bunch of gardeners,
their grandson, and the dog. Life is good.