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Allen and Judy Merten (
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 01:53:52 -0500

    Fall potatos are more difficult for me than spring potatos. Uncertain
rainfall and plenty of insects are my problems. Get certified seed potatos
from a feed store or nursery. Ace Hardware stores in my area are a good source
of seed potatos. Plant whole seed potatos in the fall. The cut seed pieces
that are used in the spring have a tendency to rot in the ground due to the
soil temperatures being so high.
    The most important thing to remember about growing potatos is that all the
potatos that your plants make grow from the seed potato to the top of the
soil. You must "dirt" your potato plants as they grow. I rake dirt up to the
bottom of the leaves of the plant. As it grows taller, continue to add more
dirt, always up to the bottom of the leaves.
    George had good advice for you. Check with your county agent. If your soil
is not suitable for growing potatos, don't. It takes time and effort to grow
potatos in favorable conditions. It is well worth it. The flavor of a home
grown potato beats the stuffings off of potatos that are shipped and stored.
    We have ideal soil and climate conditions in our part of Texas. We make
several hundred pounds of potatos from our garden each spring. Fall potatos
haven't been as successful. Good luck.
    Bastrop Co.
    SE Central Tx.

Harry Boswell wrote:

> here's what my buddy with the MSU Extension Service told me:
> though generally not recommended, irish
> potatoes can be planted in the late summer for fall harvest -- IF you can
> find good "seed" potatoes or save some from spring (store bought kinds are
> northern varieties, and are sometimes treated to reduce sprouts). but they
> do very poorly in the heat. and fire ants love them! and 'taters are cheap
> in stores and farmers markets in the summer and fall.
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