Re: [gardeners] Poppy Seed Question

Gaye Stanton (
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 20:00:08 -0400

> I haven't had much luck doing that with my Shirley poppies. Found the
seeds get
> much better germination if I just leave them in place to develop and then
> out in the flower bed. Since they only come up in very early spring here
in SW
> Louisiana I don't worry to much about them cluttering the front flower
beds. It
> seems we get the poppies and pansies coming up early, dying off, then the
> torenia fill in along with some volunteer zinnias. We generally don't have
> plant anything extra in there and just let them come up in succession.
Noticed a
> couple of nicotiana from two years ago up and blooming today. Makes it
sort of a
> surprise flower bed. ;-)
> George
> I should have been more specific.  My poppies are the 4ft. tall double
pink ones.  I also let my Shirleys & other smaller ones go to seed where
they grow but these are all so large & as always they have come up at the
very front edge of the flower beds.  I wonder if the whole plant could be
pulled up & hung upside down.  I do not want to lose my seeds above all.
In working my beds today I have verbena bonariensis coming up everywhere.
Its almost overseeded but as it is one of my absolute favorites I am glad to
have it.  We had good rain yesterday which was much needed.  We are to have
temps in the mid 80's for the next few days so the plants will be exploding
out of the ground.