Re: [gardeners] chipmunks :-(

William McKay (
Fri, 04 Jun 1999 19:57:48 PDT

Why get rid of them.  They don't eat much and they are kind of fun to watch. 
  I enjoy watching them steal a cherry tomato or strawberry or two and they 
don't take enough to make much of a difference (unlike many of the other 
four legged pests that plague my garden).  If you have to get rid of them, a 
cat probably works as well as anything.

PS.  Are you sure the holes in the lawn are due to chipmunks?  Usually they 
live in or near stone foundations, stone walls, piles of firewood, etc.  
Never have seen one in the middle of the lawn.

Bill M in E. Massachusetts (You think you have problems.  I saw a turkey in 
my backyard.  Just my luck to get a flock to move in and tear up my garden.)

>I have been noticing more and more chipmunk holes in my lawn and garden.
>What is an effective way to get rid of them?
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