[gardeners] Research of Papaver orientale old cultivars

Donna Dawson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 06 Jun 1999 18:07:55 -0600

Hi everyone...I must tell you I get the most interesting questions sent my
way...it's a good thing I have this list of gardeners to count on!!  If
anyone can help Sandy out it would be most appreciated!! Let me know :D

>>I hope you can help me, I am trying to get in contact with any person or
>>nursery that specialises in this plant, I am currently growing 96 different
>>varieties and hopefully by next year I hope to have a National Collection.
>>I know that several nurseries in the U.S.A. imported them since 1990 a few
>>names I have found are Mrs Thomas Nesmith of Fairmont Gardens. Lowell.
>>Massachusetts since 1933 to 1960 she talks about a Dr Neeley who she says
>>was a famous hybridiser of this plant and who produced several of his own
>>varieties which were then on sale in the U.S.A.
>>He was also followed by an associate Mr. Roy Burke of Paulding Ohio, but
>>this is as far as I can get, could you please put me in contact with anyone
>>who could further this research for me. Or at least get me closer to
>>Paulding Ohio.
>>If there is anything I can do to help you from the U.K. please let me know.
>>Thank you for reading my letter,
>>Happy gardening,
>>Sandy Worth.
>>Water Meadow Nursery
>>Cheriton Nr Alresford.
>>Hampshire SO24 OQB.
Donna Dawson
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