Re: [gardeners] Jerusalem artichokes

George Shirley (
Mon, 07 Jun 1999 13:07:12 -0500

Rob Loach wrote:

> Today I was at Harry's, a farmers' market in Atlanta, and I saw some
> Jerusalem artichokes. I bought a couple for 19 cents. Can I just stick
> them in the ground as I bought them, do I need to let them sit in the
> light till they sprout, or are they not even plantable? I remember
> reading about these as a forgotten, easy, perennial crop, but I've never
> eaten them and have no idea what to do with them.
> Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.
> Rob
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> Rob Loach in Greenville SC
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> their phlox by night?
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I bought seed tubers last year in the spring and planted them. Harvested a
goodly crop of chokes over the year and then pulled the last in late fall
and replanted the little ones. They are now about a foot tall and growing
more each day. IIRC we just planted the tubers about 2 inches down.

Take Bill Loke up on his offer of a fact sheet and/or you can do a web
search and come up with a lot of useful information on them.

We don't even peel them, just scrub real good, slice and cook. I like them
in stir frys and cooked like pan fried potatoes only in a teflon skillet
with a little spray olive oil. They're also good in casseroles and chopped
raw in salads.

They are perennials and grow quite easily in most parts of North America. In
some places they are a pest as they grow to easily.