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bsk (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 08 Jun 1999 12:29:57 -0500

I couldn't resist this one.
Where we lived at in Ark. was within about 2 miles of the Van Buren River Bottoms. On
the other side of the river was Ft Chaffee and all their holdings.
    My daughter was dating then and coming home around 11 - 12 at night sometimes. She
swore she saw a bear several times. We couldn't relay believe it to much. That is
until Daisy our oldest Pit Kid was raising cane one night out in the pasture. Couldn't
really see anything but the next morning we figured it out. Daisy is just a little
short pit kid. Usually she is very timid but this night she got brave and was going to
chase something off. The next morning we found her side was bleeding and on closer
inspection we could see that she had been raked by something with claws.
     We had to laugh. This dog has been shot, blowed up, shipped from Puerto Rico, and
now attacked by a bear! The one time she gets really brave and she gets nailed. It was
just a light scrape she was lucky. Just enough to make her sore. What it was is she
had never ever seen a bear and didn't know what it was. She didn't know that it would
hurt her. She just knew it was strange and didn't belong. The boys got out on 4
wheelers and spot lights one night and saw it in the bushes. A few days later the news
was reporting the sightings. It had traveled in from the mountains south of Ft. Smith
they said.

George Shirley wrote:

>  It must be nice to have the nature area backing up to your yard. Don't know if I
> would want a bear wandering around the back though, the neighbors cat is bad enough
> about agitating the dog. ;-)
> George