Re: [gardeners] Orientation of beds

Terry King (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 10:43:13 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Harry,

When slope is not an issue I tend to place my beds north--south.  I'm not sure why I 
do it  perhaps I feel that the plants get more even light.  My garden is large (nearly 
and acre) and has about a 2-3' deep swale running diagonally through it so I do 
have slope to deal with.  About half my beds/rows run east-west .  Can't say that I've 
noticed  a difference in growth between the two directions.  I'm a lot farther north 
than you are so I would guess light direction would be less of an issue for you than 
me.  Perhaps this year will tell as I planted some potatoes east-west and some 
north-south.  I will let you know if I see a difference.

With regard to placing raised beds, having the long side toward the sun is likely to 
keep the beds warmer and dryer.  They may then need more water.  I did find this 
was the case with my unbound raised beds.

On Mon, 14 Jun 1999 11:38:07 -0500, Harry Boswell wrote:

>Quick poll:
>Do your vegetable beds run east-west or north-south?  I've finally
>finished building the screen house, and Janet has promised she will
>leave me alone and let me do gardening for a while now (I have
>*nothing* planted yet!).  I've been in the middle of building some new raised
>beds, and haven't placed them yet, so I'm wondering, since slope is not
>an issue, which orientation is best?  It's full sun, BTW.

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