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Tue, 15 Jun 1999 00:14:45 -0500

   George I had to laugh at this one! I DEFINITELY didn't marry a southern
gentleman! I married a fast moving, thinking, doing man that is always
waiting on everyone else, machinery, tools and even mother nature to hurry
and catch up with him!
    When I am his third and fourth hands I hear it all! I have to admit I
have learned well myself when I get something heavy like a hammer or some
implement plopped on me somewhere. Usually it is because I am slower than he
is and haven't moved out of the way or grasped something as quickly as he
would have. I swear sometimes working with him is like practicing baseball
pitches with mechanic tools , some of the wrenches are 1 1/2 feet long and
on the heavy side. LOL

zone 7a
aka " Ranchmama "

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>Miz Anne was gone most of the day and Sam's wife stayed home so it was okay
to cuss a little when >we banged a toe or a finger. If you think it's easy
installing a water heater in a closet try it. <VBG>