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>>> >RE:  Removal of wallpaper.  There is a product that you apply and viola
>>> >wallpaper comes off.  Wallpapers to Go used to carry it.
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>>> >Mary-Anne
>>> Not if you have 6 layers all put on with old-fashioned horesehide glue.
>>> Plain old hot water , scrape and spritz works better, is cheaper.  Next, I
>>> am going to try George's 50-50 vinegar solution... I have ONE room left to
>>> do in the town house, about 4 at the farm, but that doesn't look too
>>> difficult there. One layer of paper, for starters.
>>> Lucinda
>>If the house at the farm is very old the paper may be laid over
>>plaster and lath walls. If so you will have to either be very careful not to
>>pull them down or just take them down and put up sheetrock in place of.
>>on whether you are restoring to original or making the place liveable for
>>next 50 years. <VBG>
>>scraper and take lots of breaks out in the garden to keep from going batty.
I thought rental places had steamers used for wallpaper removal. I remember
a history prof at UC Riverside reserved the use (rental) of a steamer on a
day when the thermometer shot up to 115 degrees. He was not a happy

Lucinda, whatever you do, retain that real plaster.  It makes rooms quieter
by far. Drywall doesn't.  Margaret L