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Tue, 15 Jun 1999 21:50:06 -0400

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>margaret lauterbach wrote:
>> I thought rental places had steamers used for wallpaper removal. I remember
>> a history prof at UC Riverside reserved the use (rental) of a steamer on a
>> day when the thermometer shot up to 115 degrees. He was not a happy
>> do-it-yourselfer.
>> Lucinda, whatever you do, retain that real plaster.  It makes rooms quieter
>> by far. Drywall doesn't.  Margaret L

Don't worry; I don't take down plaster unless totally unavoidable.
>If the paper is laid on the wall properly the steamer will take it off.
>touch the stuff in the master bath. It was glued directly to the sheetrock
with no
>other wall preparation done. I would take Kay Lancasters idea, put 1/4 inch
>sheetrock over it.

A light coat of plaster or similar will take care of lumps/etc. 

I can't easily manage a steamer; it's the old-fashioned way for me.