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Penny Nielsen (
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 16:25:19 -0300

Hi Cynthia - when you say that snapdragons, cosmos and marigolds are not supposed to grow back on their own - do you mean reseed.  I have quite a number of cosmos that have reseeded and in the past many snapdragons too.  Can't recall if marigolds have reseeded for me in the past.  Sure wondered this year cause I had lots of little seedlings in the veggie patch this year which really looked like marigolds.  Soon realized they were tomato seedlings.  How soon we forget.

I must transplant my nicotiana alata seedlings (from veggie patch) this week so I can put in some more veggie seeds.

Penny in Halifax, N.S. 5/6a

>>> Cynthia Mayeaux <> 06/23/99 05:48PM >>>
I've been so busy out in the garden I hardly have time to report on it.
I'm not thrilled with things this year.  Stuff is growing, but I'm at a
stage where some fine tuning is needed.

I've been working for four years in my yard now and have made some
incredible changes in my landscape.  I have put in so many different beds
and it just takes time to get them filled with the right mix of perennials
to keep a constant bloom going.  A challenge to be sure. I use some annuals
here and there, but it is too much work having to put new in every year.

Funny tho'  I've had some reseeds this year that never happen (to me) in my
neck of the North.  For the last two years we've had mild winters and it is
really messing things up.  I want my cold freezing winters back to kill the
fleas and other pesky bugs.  Snapdragons, cosmos, and marigolds are not
supposed to grow back on their own.  My black pansies didn't even die this
past winter... but three roses (1 tea, 1 climber and 1 grandiflora) did. 

This Spring was too hot, and then we had late frosts that wiped out my
gourds and all my watermelon plants, now this summer is here and it feels
like Loosiana... humid, hot (90F).  I moved away from Florida to get out of
this heat... sure hope things get back to normal soon, (whatever that is).
Are we all done with the el nino's la nina's la pinta's, santa monica winds
and other weird weather affecting phenomena?<lol>.

I've got four types of beans coming up, yellow peppers, carrots, radishes,
pumpkins, and many many types of chile's.  I have sweet williams bloomin'
their heads off and my lilies are getting ready to pop.

Does anyone remember Terry Dowdeswell from the gardens-L?  I got a bunch of
his delphinium seeds this Spring and started them under lights.  Typical of
all that I do, I do to excess, and I must have had 5 flats (72 cells each)
of various delphs started.  I have some pretty healthy looking plants now,
and it sure kept me busy potting them up as they grew.  I was able to sell
most of the excess to co-workers.  Half of mine are in the ground, the
other dozen I'm keeping potted until this fall.  I don't expect blooms this
year, but look forward to magnificent flowers next year.

Gotta get shined up for work... have fun in the garden all,


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