[gardeners] NZ Delphs was Re: weather and other ramblings

Penny Nielsen (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 12:00:16 -0300

Hi Barb

I managed to grow 9 plants from the seeds you so kindly sent me.  Actually have a tiny little one in a pot too.  Rest are in 2 or so gallon pots.  Gave 2 away.  They are all ready to bloom.  Waiting to see what colours they are before I give more away.  Actually 1 or 2 did have some tiny blooms on them last year in the nursery bed, but don't recall what colour they were.  Some of my older delphs in the garden have started to bloom.  Will let you know.


>>> Barbara Jackson <jacksonb@mb.sympatico.ca> 06/24/99 08:08AM >>>
Good Morning Cynthia,

Yep, I remember Terry Dowdeswell.  I've bought more seed from him the last
two years than I could ever hope to plant out.  Like you most have been
given away.  Didn't start any this year cause I ran out of room. Anyway, the
originals survived a mild prairies winter and they are now in their second
year.  It looks like I will get flowers fairly soon.  Only 4 survived to
planting out last year (much too much rain) but they look really good.  One
is Harlequin but don't know what the others are yet till they bloom.  My
cats graciously dug up all the tags.  Which ones did you get???


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>From: Cynthia Mayeaux <cmayeaux@traverse.com>
>Subject: [gardeners] weather and other ramblings
>Does anyone remember Terry Dowdeswell from the gardens-L?  I got a bunch of
>his delphinium seeds this Spring and started them under lights.  Typical of
>all that I do, I do to excess, and I must have had 5 flats (72 cells each)
>of various delphs started.  I have some pretty healthy looking plants now,
>and it sure kept me busy potting them up as they grew.  I was able to sell
>most of the excess to co-workers.  Half of mine are in the ground, the
>other dozen I'm keeping potted until this fall.  I don't expect blooms this
>year, but look forward to magnificent flowers next year.
>Gotta get shined up for work... have fun in the garden all,
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