Re: [gardeners] Ohio Univ research files

penny x stamm (
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 21:52:00 -0400

Thank you, Byron, for your lead.

I have read thru information from many south and central eastern states, 
but have found nothing above the M.D.line concerning kousa dogwoods.
That may not matter. 

I shall implement the good practices they all recommend, altho I 
cannot see any disease resembling my own tree's. Over the
telephone, my local expert said it sounded like simple leaf burn. 
When I brought in the samples, he immediately said it was a fungus
(unnamed). The tree did get fertilized (acid) in April. It gets watered
regularly. It gets lots of light but limited sun. Has plenty of elbow
Planted about 10-15 years ago, always been healthy. And yes, it had
normal flowering this spring. The tree simply does not look healthy!  

I applied 10 lbs of iron (pale leaves) last week in granular form. I had
started to use my corer around the drip line but found too much in
the way, so finally distributed the granules on the surface. This will
take much longer to reach the roots, but that was all I could do. If
you remember, the symptoms were pale leaves and leaf tip dry 
browning. However, the veins are not dark in contrast. 

It's in the hands of the gods now ......


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