Re: [gardeners] Money in the pockets......

Penny Nielsen (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 09:39:35 -0300

Hi Penny in NY ?

No - thank goodness we have not had the extreme heat that the U.S. northeastern states and southern Ontario/Quebec have been experiencing.   We went through a period of 30+C temps which, for us, is hot and is usually accompanied by a fair bit of humidity along the coast.  I'd almost rather be inside when it gets like this, but it wasn't much better inside then cause DH had part of the pink insulation in the ceiling out while he was doing electrical work.   It has cooled down quite a bit and was actually chilly during the last few evenings.  

I saw pics of people in Toronto buying up air conditioners and the electrical companies asking people to monitor their use.  Gather Montreal had power outages from a severe storm.  They also had tornado warnings but thankfully it didn't happen.  Saw pics of poor New Yorkers suffering in 40+C heat.

Good luck with your electrical and weather problems.  I think there's more concern for the elderly and the young in times like this.

Penny in foggy Halifax, N.S.

>>> penny x stamm <> 07/06/99 10:22PM >>>

Hello, Penny in Halifax --!  Has this weather extended all
the way up the coast to you? 

Today the neighboring villages lost all power. It is hoped that
it will get back on by dinnertime, Wednesday.  Parts of New
Jersey are rationing their available power -- a few hours on, a
few hours off, so everyone can survive. 

One of my daughters called and invited herself overnight. We're
more than happy to have her, with the only momentary problem 
being room in the refrigerator!  With no A/C and no fridge, you
can imagine the run on the local restaurants tonight! It looked like
Thanksgiving weekend....

We were told that everyone on earth went out and bought a room
air conditioner over the 4th of July big sales, and that is what 
overloaded the available supply.  Prosperity has its drawbacks..

Penny, NY