Re: [gardeners] Long winded BBQ school, Texas Style

Penny Nielsen (
Wed, 7 Jul 1999 10:28:52 -0300

Hi Barb

Each year the group at work would have pig roasts, held at someone's place that lived on a lake.  A weekend affair, if you wanted, with spouces and kids.  They would dig a pit, put wood/charcoal in it and the 2 pigs (not real big ones) would be put on a spit and everyone would take turns turning them all day long.  Best I've ever eaten.  DH is very mechanically inclined so could probably build it and could rig up something to turn it automatically. 

Thanks for the thoughts tho.  Just not quite the same as doing it yourself.

Penny in Halifax, N.S. 

>>> Barb Rothenberger <> 07/07/99 08:04AM >>>
Penny:  when I was teaching, the kids in ag shop class made bbq pits out of
oil drums.  You might check with your local high school and see if 1.  they
do that and 2. what they would charge.

As for pig roasting, we did that in gourmet one time - and only one time.
There is someone locally that will roast a big for you for a party.  think
that would be easier way to go!
Barb in central MO.  - who woke up to a cool morning this morning!! would
that it would last!!