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Tantrika (
Wed, 07 Jul 1999 21:46:36 -0700


At 09:29 PM 7/7/99 -0500, bsk wrote:
>> It's such a cheery place to be.
>ALRIGHT!! My kind of Boogy House! I could get a long with that but my husband
>the reserved, secluded blend in type would fall over dead if I even suggested

well truth be told it was my *husband* who picked out the trim colors!  I'm
a very colorful person, but he had this thing about "brown" (batchelor for
46 years until we met) I guess I affected him.  He actually took a petunia
to the paint store to match the color for the trim <g>.  That was quite the
site to see with a curmudgeonly computer magazine editor :)

Fact is, it attracts the hummingbirds.  And the other neighbours on our
ranch LOVE it, because it's a such a vibrant addition.  I never would have
imagined a house in those colors (and I'm a weaver who works with colors)
but darn I loved it when it was done :)

We call the place Norbu Khang which is Tibetan for "The Jewel House"

>     I wonder if he would ever let me do this on one of our other 160's? I
>just see the country folk flip on the paint job of one the areas oldest land
>marks! Wheeeeee Haaaaa! I could stir it up then!

Who knows they might like it?

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