Re: [gardeners] BBQ Pit Conversion from Oil Drum

Jane Burdekin (
Tue, 13 Jul 1999 10:23:54 -0600

Hi Penny,
Maybe your DH could just incorporate the oil drum contraption right into
the new kitchen???   I'm sure one more change order would be ok, right???


At 02:12 PM 7/13/99 -0300, you wrote:
>Hi Allen
>Thank you so much for the long and instructive post.  It sounds like a
fair bit of work on DH's part.  I think he has enough to contend with with
house renovations right now.  Everything is taking twice as long as
planned.  I have printed out the instructions and will keep them.  Perhaps
next year he can get around to it.   No pig roast using and oil drum for us
this year.  
>I feel bad that you spent so much time writing up these instructions, but
hopefully others will benefit from them too.
>My sympathies to you.  Have spent 1/2 hour on a cold table taking X-rays
and just couldn't imagine what 3-1/2 hours must have been like.  I sure
hope the results are positive Allen.  Good luck.
>Thanks again.
>Penny in Halifax, N.S.