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Penny Nielsen (
Mon, 19 Jul 1999 14:45:31 -0300

Hi Allen - Did you get your results back yet?

We were just talking about outdoor fires last week.  Someone who lives in a townhouse purchased one of those Mexican clay fireplaces for outside.  First evening they used it the Fire Dept. arrived.  Seems it shot a flame of fire out the stack a story or 2 high.  You're not allowed to have an outdoor fire here in a suburban neighbourhood - unless its for cooking.  They only got a warning and told the owners to have a bag a mellows beside them with a stick.  That's considered outdoor cooking.  Crazy eh.

Penny in Halifax, N.S. 

>>> Allen and Judy Merten <> 07/19 1:48 am >>>
Hi Joy,
    I know that this is a late answer to your request. A smoker or other BBQ
grill is perfectly safe on a wooden deck. Most smokers are designed where it
is almost impossible to have a spark or coal fall out of the fire pan. BBQ
pits sometimes will drop one through a bottom vent. If you have a piece of
sheet metal under the pit you can cut that unlikely problem down even more. I
always keep a hose already turned on, near any fire that I am using.
    The main fire hazard in multi-story and multi-family dwellings is the
flames setting the eaves or siding on fire, not burning the deck, according to
a fireman friend.
    Judy works for a doctor who has a multi level deck built up the side of a
very steep hill. He has 3 BBQ pits, a smoker, and a couple of smaller grills
on the various levels. I have had one on mine.
    Becareful, don't spill any liquid charcoal lighter. I don't use any
artificial fire starter except a match. I BBQ with wood only.
    Enjoy your smoker. Use common sense. You'll be fine.
Bastrop Co.
SE Central Tx.