Re: [gardeners] Tomatoes with black fungus

Bill Loke (
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 12:42:22 -0400

Sounds like blossom-end rot. Usually signifies a lack of calcium  and is
induced by uneven watering.  Helpful to ensure a steady water supply  and
adding some calcium rich material such as natural ground limestone
(agricultural lime), dolomite, wood ashes, bone meal, oyster shells or egg
shells.  HTH
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Subject: [gardeners] Tomatoes with black fungus

> Hi, this year for the first time, we are experiencing a number of
> tomatoes, Burpee's Early Girl and Big Girl, developing soft bottoms that
> turn black and slightly flattenend, most of which fruit cannot be
> salvaged. We carefully dipose of it in the trash so as not to infect our
> compost pile. Any clues as to cause/cure?
> Ron,
> Van Nuys, CA
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