Re: [gardeners] Brinkman smoker = FIRE HAZARD! wuz: Question

David G Smith (
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 14:10:12 -0400

You could set it on some bricks or something...

At 10:50 AM 7/21/99 -0700, you wrote:
>>Tantrika wrote:
>>> We just got a Brinkman's smoke'ngrill and are wondering if in smoking
>>> safe on a wooden deck?  It's a brand new smoker and we are ordering some
>>> books on smokers but we were curious because we want to find a "place"
>>> it today.....
>If this is the same brinkman smoker that I own, DO NOT use it on a wooden
>deck.  The model I have looks like an oil drum that stands on end and is
>open on the bottom...(it is not like most other oil drum smokers that are
>split in half and is supported by legs)
>On this model, there are two pans, one larger one on the bottom for the
>charcoal, and a second one above the bottom one, where you put
>When you fill the bottom up with charcoal, it of course gets extremely hot
>and will radiate enough heat downwards to scorch your deck.  I use mine on
>top of our roof deck and have burned the roof in multiple places (don't tell
>my apt manager!!!!)  I then thought it was the paint and fiberglass that
>burned too easily so I wrapped a piece of pine board in foil and put the
>Brinkman atop it.  Another bad move...I came up to find it scorched and
>about to catch fire after about 15 minutes.
>I know others may not be familiar with this type of smoker.  But take if
>from someone who has one....Be careful!!
>Aside from that, the thing works GREAT!  Near impossible to overcook a
>salmon when the middle pan is filled with beer!
>Best regards,