Re: [gardeners] Rain & crops

Allen and Judy Merten (
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 13:08:37 -0500

Hi Penny,
    Yeah, the last story I saw on La Nina, made it seem like the weather is
upside down.

penny x stamm wrote:

> Hi, Allen,  That's tough news about the surgery, but I suspect
> that you guessed it all along. It is true, however, that sometimes a
> neurologist has a different slant on the situation from an
> orthopedist. It could pay you to make the extra appointment....
> We never use lighter fluid to start a fire, do you?  We use one of
> those old fashioned tin chimneys in which you stuff crumpled
> newspaper in the bottom half, and then lay in briquets in the top
> half and and then you set it afire. In about 15 minutes the whole
> thing is ready to use..  When we want a wood fire, we just do as
> the Boy Scouts used to do ---  we crumple newspaper, then lay sticks
> and kindling across the top of the paper in a kind of teepee, and in
> 5 minutes it is ready to be used. Jimmie will often fix himself a
> hamburger for lunch, and it takes him about 3 minutes to start
> the fire, perhaps 2-3 minutes to cook the doggone thing, and
> he's almost back inside before I have the fixin's on the table!
> Obviously, he likes it black & blue....
> We've had exactly 1 inch of rain since June 1st. Add that to our
> 100 degree days and 96% humidity, and we're boiled...  We will
> be having a v.i.p. meeting here in 4 weeks, so we have been
> trying to work outside in spite of the obnoxious heat.
> On top of that we've had 3 floods in 6 weeks. Of all the bizarre
> happenings, the pipes connected to the water meter must have
> loosened their connections, because water began running onto the
> cellar floor underneath the model trains -- four firmen rushed over
> to save us, but boy! it was lucky that we got home before everything
> in the workshop and playroom went under water!    Then everyone's
> power went out overnight -- after a 102* day -- and we really had fits!
> I think we're in for some more mean weather, and just like you and
> George,  we can't do a danged thing about it. Got a message from
> Bolivia which said that their crops have been destroyed by the late
> effects of La Nina, and they  will have a destitute season in front of
> them. Do you think that is the cause of all of our weird weather here?
> Penny in NY -- no measurable zone any more!
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