Re: [gardeners] Rain & crops

Penny Nielsen (
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 12:32:36 -0300

Hi Penny

When you say that Jimmy likes it black and blue, are you referring to his hamburger, i.e. not well cooked.

A spokesman for our Dept. of Agriculture has been warning people to make sure they cook their hamburger well done.  I prefer it medium, but cook it well now.  Seems that the bacteria - not sure if its ecoli - gets mixed in with ground hamburger and is not killed off unless the hamburger is well done.  Said that with steaks, the bacteria stay on the outside and get killed off during the process even if the steak is rare.  But with hamburger the bacteria are mixed throughout.    They've had many cases of people getting quite ill from it.

Penny in Halifax, N.S.

>>> penny x stamm <> 07/21/99 12:38AM >>>

Hi, Allen,  That's tough news about the surgery, but I suspect
that you guessed it all along. It is true, however, that sometimes a 
neurologist has a different slant on the situation from an
orthopedist. It could pay you to make the extra appointment....

We never use lighter fluid to start a fire, do you?  We use one of
those old fashioned tin chimneys in which you stuff crumpled
newspaper in the bottom half, and then lay in briquets in the top 
half and and then you set it afire. In about 15 minutes the whole
thing is ready to use..  When we want a wood fire, we just do as 
the Boy Scouts used to do ---  we crumple newspaper, then lay sticks
and kindling across the top of the paper in a kind of teepee, and in
5 minutes it is ready to be used. Jimmie will often fix himself a
hamburger for lunch, and it takes him about 3 minutes to start
the fire, perhaps 2-3 minutes to cook the doggone thing, and
he's almost back inside before I have the fixin's on the table!
Obviously, he likes it black & blue....

We've had exactly 1 inch of rain since June 1st. Add that to our 
100 degree days and 96% humidity, and we're boiled...  We will 
be having a v.i.p. meeting here in 4 weeks, so we have been 
trying to work outside in spite of the obnoxious heat. 

On top of that we've had 3 floods in 6 weeks. Of all the bizarre
happenings, the pipes connected to the water meter must have 
loosened their connections, because water began running onto the 
cellar floor underneath the model trains -- four firmen rushed over 
to save us, but boy! it was lucky that we got home before everything
in the workshop and playroom went under water!    Then everyone's
power went out overnight -- after a 102* day -- and we really had fits!

I think we're in for some more mean weather, and just like you and 
George,  we can't do a danged thing about it. Got a message from 
Bolivia which said that their crops have been destroyed by the late
effects of La Nina, and they  will have a destitute season in front of
them. Do you think that is the cause of all of our weird weather here? 

Penny in NY -- no measurable zone any more!

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